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Calico Healthy Skin and Waxing is located in the heart of Fremont in The Saturn Building

3417  Evanston Ave N

Floor 3, Suite 303

Seattle, WA 98103

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Arrival: Take the elevator or stairs up to the 3rd floor. Please have a seat in one of the waiting areas where you will find restrooms and drinking fountains. I will come out to get you for your appointment.


You are welcome to park in the Saturn Building parking lot. The entrance is on 35th, at the back of the building (turn in just past SWel Restaurant). You may park for the entire duration of your appointment, but please retrieve a parking pass from me if your appointment will run longer than 90 minutes. There are handicap spaces available in this lot as well.

If the Saturn lot is full, you may also park in the lot below PCC. The entrance is behind PCC, in the alley, off of Evanston Ave between 34th and 35th. There is also plenty of street parking, both pay and free!

Office hours: All treatments are by appointment Monday through Saturday. To schedule an appointment, please text (or call) Calico at 206.406.0388, or, email an appointment request to

Payment is due at the time of service by cash or check, or the apps Venmo, PayPal, or Square Cash. Please note I do not swipe cards at my space.

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Facial Treatments and Peels

Customized Facial Treatments ~

Enjoy, relax, and rejuvenate with a customized signature facial from Calico….

Each treatment begins with an assessment of your skin’s current condition in order to determine treatment focus and ongoing skin care. You and your skin will feel completely rejuvenated after receiving a deep double cleansing with steam, 2 forms of exfoliation, and extractions. Massage of the décolleté, upper back, shoulders, neck, face, ears, and scalp promotes deep relaxation and encourages cell renewal. Your skin’s vitality and balance will be restored with a customized therapeutic mask. Each facial treatment also includes a warm hand and foot hydrating antioxidant treatment and a hand and arm massage. Your Customized Signature Facial will finish with the application and recommendation of quality products to nourish, moisturize, and protect your healthy balanced skin.

100/105 Minute Customized Facial ~ $145

Enjoy the 100/105 minute facial with the addition of a therapeutic and renewing back treatment!

130 Minute Customized Facial ~ $205

Customized Peel Treatments ~

Calico Healthy Skin and Waxing offers a wide variety of powerful and unique peels that combine Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids, and natural fruit enzymes for maximum rejuvenation to treat your skin’s specific needs. Accelerating the removal of cellular buildup to deeply cleanse and unclog pores enhances the effects of your home care products and optimizes the overall health of your skin. Your customized peel will increase collagen production, minimize wrinkles and scarring, lighten hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone, diminish clogged pores and breakouts, and resurface your skin for a smoother look and feel.
Each Customized Peel Treatment begins with a deep cleansing and exfoliation with steam, followed by the application of a peel formulated for your specific skin type and current skin condition. This treatment continues with extractions, a customized mask, hand and arm hydrating treatment and massage. Finishing products will be applied to your skin to enhance your peel results as well as hydrate and protect your skin through the rest of your day.

60  Minute Customized peel ~ $125

Hair Removal and Tinting

Each hair removal service is customized to meet your individual needs. I encourage you to communicate any preferences you may have pertaining to the details of your waxing service.

It is essential that you inform me of any topical and/or internal prescriptions that may affect the outcome of your waxing service. If you are currently using any of the following products, please be sure to let me know when you schedule your service so we can take the appropriate precautions. These products can thin the skin and make it more susceptible to lift and react during waxing.

  • Accutane
  • Retinol (Alustra, Avage, Avita, Differin, Isotretinoin, Renova, Tazarac)
  • Acne medications
  • Hydroquinone
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic)
  • Oral Antibiotics
  • Topical Antibiotics
  • Enzyme Exfoliants
  • Chemical Peels

Other Considerations:

  • Remember, for best results hair should be about ¼ inch long.
  • Please wait at least 24 hours after a waxing service to apply any self-tanning creams or have a professional tanning treatment. Your waxing service will remove any self-tanner applied beforehand.
  • Please do not come in for a waxing service if you have a sunburn or if you have been in a tanning booth within 24 hours.
  • Please take extra precautions if you plan to be in the sun following a waxing service. I recommend that you use a good quality SPF of 30 or more, and try to avoid long periods of direct sun exposure.

Hair Removal Prices:

Brow 29 and up

Lip 21

Chin 25

Nose 18

Sideburns 30

Full Face (with brows) 90

Full Face (without brows) 70

Neck (back) 30

Underarm 30

Full Arm 65

½ Arm 40

Chest 60

Stomach 50

Back 70

Shoulders 30

½ Leg (includes feet & toes) 53

Full Leg (includes feet & toes) 83

Feet 18

Toes 12

Feet & Toes 25

Basic Bikini 45 ~ Exactly as described! basic bikini!

Itsy Bikini 55 ~ Similar to a thong bikini line!

Itsy-Bitsy Bikini 65 ~ Typically bare mid to bottom, regular or thong line bikini hair left up top!

Bare Bikini 75 ~ Completely bare top to bottom, or a little hair left up top if you’d like!

*If there is a specific waxing service you do not see listed above and wish to receive, please inquire for pricing.

Tinting Services:

Brow Tint 31 and up

Lash Tint 33 and up 

Lash Extensions

Calico is offering customized Xtreme Eyelash Extensions!

Learn more about Xtreme Eyelash Extensions at

Please call or text me at 206.406.0388, or email cmcrespinel@yahoo for more info!


Cancellation Policy ~

I am a small appointment based business, and in order to provide you and other clients with exceptional customer service, I ask that you provide a minimum of 48+ hours notice if you wish to cancel, change, or reschedule any part of your appointment.

I deeply appreciate your business and value you as a client. Since I turn away other clients to hold your appointment, any cancellations with less than 48+ hours notice will be charged in full. If you need to cancel individual services that are part of an appointment, please do so with minimum of 48+ hours notice as well. It is also time I have set aside especially for you and I would appreciate the opportunity to fill the time with another appointment. No show and missed appointments will be charged in full.

Appointment Rescheduling Policy Outside of 48 hours ~

Repetitive rescheduling, even with 48+ hours notice, is extremely disruptive to my small business. In order to keep my doors open, I must implement an updated policy regarding rescheduling appointments outside of 48+ hours.

Please take extra care to make sure that you are scheduling your appointment at a time that works for you, and that you have it noted correctly in your calendar. If you have questions about the duration of your appointment, please reach out to me.  Please note that I will accommodate a maximum of 2 rescheduled appointments per year outside of 48+ hours. If you need more flexibility and repeatedly need to reschedule appointments, it’s best that we check in day of/week of to see if I have availability you can commit to.

Arrival ~

I understand that sometimes being late is outside of your control. I will always do my very best to accommodate a late arrival by performing as much of the service(s) as possible. Please plan ahead and make sure you have the correct address and directions, and allow time for any traffic or parking difficulties. Service(s) not able to be performed due to a late arrival will be charged in full.


About Calico

Calico CrespinelWhen you go to see Calico Crespinel, you will find someone whose passion for the field, attention to the client, and high level of integrity makes her the perfect choice as your esthetician. Motivated from an early age by her own skin-related issues and sensitivities, Calico was a student of the field before she even had the notion of becoming a part of it professionally. She brings that same dedication to her clients, making sure that the methods and products prescribed are the most effective approach for their unique needs and lifestyles.

To Calico, you are not just a client during your time with her. She tailors the products, treatments, and regimen to the specific needs of each client. Her holistic approach and consistent follow-through with customers have her clients returning to her with unmatched loyalty. Her knowledge of products and specific ingredients is second to none. Calico personally tests and researches products before integrating them into treatments and referring them to customers. She uses products based on the effective levels of performance-proven ingredients. It is deeply important to her that all of her clients are able to take proper care of their skin using quality products at affordable prices.

Calico trained at the renowned Euro Institute of Skin Care. She did so because of their unmatched curriculum which emphasizes holistic, naturopathic, and aryuvedic treatments. She excelled as an esthetic student, and graduated at the top of her class. She then conceived, developed, and built Aviva Marie Holistic Skin Spa from the ground up. It was here as a lead esthetician that she was able to develop her distinct and unique style, and finesse her expertise. After that, she took a position as a lead esthetician at The Spa at the PRO Sports Club. Their standards of extensive ongoing training and updating techniques created an environment of consistent growth and pursuit of excellence. In her six and a half years at The Spa, she cultivated a successful business for them and loyal clientele for herself. She was also a frequent contributor to the PRO Sports Club magazine. After these experiences, she was ready to open Calico Healthy Skin and Waxing.  It is here, where clients rave about her facials that “have completely transformed my skin” and are “customized and designed to create the best outcome for your skin”. Her techniques “make waxing a breeze” and that “she is the best”, to put it simply.

But the real thing that keeps clients returning again and again to Calico is the personal nature of her service. Clients are treated as the special individuals they are. Calico’s approach is professionally helpful and personally comfortable. Your skin will love Calico’s work and you will feel the same about her as a person. While most people practice their profession, Calico is practicing her passion.